B.D.College, Bihiya ,Bhojpur was started with the motto of imparting education. The college was under the affiliation of Bihar Board has the history of imparting quality education and in producing engineers, doctors, educationalist and administrators.

The objective of this institution is not only to provide a high educational standard but also to help in the all round personality development of the child. Since the habits are formed during the primary stage of the child’s education, the College adhere great importance to moral education and character building.

The College also welcomes students of all other communities irrespective of caste and their belief is fully respected. B.D. College, Bihiya, Ara strives to attain the following objectives.

(1.)To offer students a milleu conducive to their integral development in which they will find respect for desirable personal and social values of life.

(2.)To train students to become capable and resposible citizens.

(3.) To foster and promote the ideas of unity in diversity, harmony, peace and justiceamong students who hail from all sections of Indian Society.

(4.)To strive for academic excellence and ensure the fullest development of the individual personality